Star rating - 3/5

A story of murder, spies and double-cross and murder and a coin worth millions of dollars. Brunswick and his chum Bobby go about their daily routine when Brunswick gets mugged at the car graveyard in broad daylight. A coin worth millions of dollars is taken away from him. When Brunswick recovers, he manages to catch a glimpse of his assassin, Ace. Brunswick meets up with bobby to discuss the situation unaware that he is being spied on and all his actions are constantly updated to the one who has arranged for the robbery. When Brunswick accuses Bobby of conspiring with Ace, things get ugly between the two. When Ace meets up with friends of Bobby, they come to know that Brunswick had shot bobby during their altercation. When Brunswick brings the bullet-riddled body of Bobby over to their place, they decide to restrain Brunswick for what he has done. But things are not what they seem, and there are unexpected players in the fray. The tables soon turn with Bobby coming out unscathed and the group going out to seek revenge from the perpetrator.


Brunswick is a short film from director Chris Miller. Shot almost entirely in a car graveyard and with the establishing long shots of the location, the sombre mood and the gravity of the situation is established right away with the desolate landscape, and images of death and destruction all around. The monochromatic visual treatment and a camera that moves fluid amongst the characters makes the immersion complete.


Does Brunswick manage to keep the valuable coin to himself or does he lose it in the conspiracy to steal it away from him? Are his friends able to stay with him and see him through in this fight? Who manages to keep hold of the prize at the end, and at what cost? These are some answers for which, you will have to watch till the end.


Point Of View Indie Film Awards