Star rating - 5/5

When taxi driver, Sandro, finishes his shift for the day and heads back home, he is stopped in a rough neighbourhood by a heavily pregnant woman desperately looking for a ride. Sandro halfheartedly decides to take her to her destination. During the ride, the two strike up a conversation. They learn a bit about each other, share some details of their personal lives and also discuss a little bit of politics and current affairs. They talk about their families even sharing details of domestic troubles. They discuss the migrant crisis and how it impacts their civil life when they have to compete with the migrants and deal with increasing crime rates. Finally, when they are forced to end their journey together in a rather unexpected circumstance, they make some startling discoveries about each other.


Taxi is a short film by director Matteo Vicino from Italy. In this delightful short presentation, the director manages to portray the power equations between the driver and the passenger, during their short ride together, complete with the differences in their base characters. Supported by powerful performances from both the lead actors, the writing brings to life a very relatable and déjà vu like situation that almost anyone can relate with.  The film also benefits greatly from its realistic sound design. The minimal use of music and the omnipresent ambient sounds add greatly to the authentic recreation of the situation adding to that déjà vu effect.


The TAXI is a sweet little tale with a tangy twist at the end. Brilliant writing also makes it a dialogue about safety and security. The film toys with the questions - ‘who is safe?’ and ‘Where does the threat to our safety lie?’. ‘Are we safe in our own homes?’ and ‘Are the biggest threats from outside our house or is it from within?’


Point Of View Indie Film Awards