Star rating - 4/5

The Lime and the Flame is a film that will be best appreciated when we look back at it from the future. The year was 2020 and the month, April. The whole world was shaken by a deadly virus and populations across the globe were forced into quarantine in their own homes. It was dangerous to step outside, lest one contracts the deadly virus for which there was no cure. Meeting people and coming into close contact with another human was considered risky. People were holed up in their homes, for months on end, surviving with whatever little they had in their refrigerators or stacked away in their larders. One day during the quarantine, our hero, ‘Ninja’, decides to have a small celebration, by himself, to brighten up his spirits and cheer himself up.


The Lime and the Flame is a whacky presentation from filmmaker Francisco Gracia. Just shy of two minutes, The lime and the flame, is a whacky representation of life under quarantine and the hardships it brings. The animated performance, exaggerated actions and the beatboxing add to the overall spunkiness of the film. The effective use of the audio accent ‘Ninja’ at key points, consistently throughout the film is something that stays back long after the film has ended.


The lime and the flame is a humorous take on the hardships faced by people across the world during its period of quarantine in the year 2020. In its own lighthearted and ludicrous way, it shows how even the most ‘taken for granted’ necessities of modern life, like a good salad and a good smoke’ become struggles to accomplish, despite all our technological and social advancements. The lime and the flame is sure to bring out that chuckle in you while it ends and set your thought processes rolling about human needs and wants.


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