Star rating - 3/5

When Shishir, a young executive takes a shortcut on his way to work one day, little does he know that awaiting him on the new path are a few experiences that will change his outlook to life. When Shishir passes in front of a city brothel in the city on this path, he is accosted by a group of prostitutes out to find their next customer. A shy Shishir is embarrassed to be seen with them and refuses their advances. He offers them some money for them to leave him alone, and they consent, but only after confronting him with the hypocrisy of the respectable folks like him who come seeking under the cover of darkness but scorn any association with them during the day. He meets his friend later during the day, who explains the philosophy of that ‘nothing can exist without an associated sound. Sounds enhance every experience in life and nothing in the universe exists without a sound.’


The sound, is a short from Director Ali Zulfikar Zahedi. Zahedi succeeds in establishing the geography and the locations the story is set in with authenticity. The narrow by-lanes, the dingy rooms and the dilapidated mansions where the brothels are run, recreate the setting of the story to perfection. Not without its faults, the film is a bold, well-intentioned attempt at exploring the various factors that make the brothels both a place of contempt and pleasure depending on the time of the day and the need of the time.


The sound explores society's attitude towards prostitution and prostitutes. While prostitution is considered a necessary evil by governments and law enforcers, many profit unfairly by exploiting the toils of these prostitutes. The film offers a glimmer of hope at the end, regarding their rehabilitation and alternative opportunities that can help them move away from the old systems that exist only to exploit them ruthlessly.


Point Of View Indie Film Awards